Remember the childhood we once had. It was all about going out and playing with friends, spending lazy afternoons reading books, going out in the evenings for a game with pals. Yes, this used to be the way many of us have spent our childhood days back then. But things have changed entirely now. Years have passed, we have grown old and now have children of our own or maybe siblings or cousins much younger than us. These children belong to the digital world of today.

And we as parents of the older generation always need to be on par with them. Kids of today's age are surrounded entirely by technology everywhere. Their childhood is altogether different from what it used to be for the earlier generations. Children now no longer play with balls or toys, all they want is tech-savvy gadgets like cell phones, smartphones, tablets, I pads etc. and slowly we as the adult are now adjusting to their needs. Some years ago, we used to get surprised looking at kids who would own or use such gadgets. But over the time, almost every kid now holds a device. The Fast Paced World Today

Accept that the world has changed and your kids are part of this changed environment. Do not impose old rules on them or give examples from your childhood. They are made for a different generation. Always accept that the media and technology are an essential part of their lives. The earlier, the better it is, to recognise that the kids of this generation need the technology and cannot stay away from it no matter what.

Digital education is thus an integrated system which eliminates the limitations of time management, resources and teaching management. It has many webs, desktop and mobile applications. All the members of the organisation including teachers and students have usernames and passwords given to them that help in accessing the apps. This is a complete tool which improves all three main components of learning namely contents, teaching methodologies and learning methodologies. Its a must for every educational institution if they want to produce genius students.