Technology impacting the obesity rates in teens and kids

Everybody is busy today. We want more and more time for ourselves. The world is not safe for kids alone. So parents are themselves turning kids towards technology to keep them busy and quiet at home only. Parents need extra time for home, for office work or just free time from kids. Technology provides so much exposure and fun to kids that now they prefer to have more of screen time instead of going out and play. Parents also prefer this as it saves them from running behind kids in the open and protects them from hot or cold weather outside as well. Televisions, laptop, smartphones, Ipads, PSPs are some of the natural tools to have fun at home only. The more addicted they are, the lazier they become to get ready, picks up the toys and go out. This increases a lack of physical activity in the child and increases obesity as the child is eating but not burning it out. How to overcome this?

Technology is the main reason for children and teens to be obese. It makes them busy in their own private world, and they enjoy privacy without any interference or movement. The more addicted a child is to TV or Laptops, the more obese he would become.

Not only going out and playing, but kids are also avoiding reading, homework and other necessary activities to be in front of the TV.

Today no one can imagine their life without these gadgets. But these gadgets have overpowered us. Childhood obesity has increased three times in the recent past. Although there are other factors as well which increases obesity like unhealthy and junk food but altogether they are not doing any good to our children.

There are indeed ways to overcome such problem and is high time that parents do so. It is not very difficult, but one has to come out of the shell and be open to changes for that.;

  1. Prevention begins at home: Reduce TV/Laptop time. Shutting down everything all of a sudden is not easy. We must start with one step at a time. Reduce the time your child or teen sits in front of the TV, Laptop or phones. Every day decrease the time by half hour or so. Gadget time must be limited to a maximum of 2 hours a day.

  2. Make playtime fun- get involved- Dont just shut TV and tell the child to go out. Be involved as initially, the child will be reluctant to face everything alone. Pick up a football or a bat and head out. Make them win, fall with them, loose in a game and laugh together. They will enjoy it more to see your involvement as well.

  3. Let them decide- Ask your child so that he can also brainstorm what his likings are. Ask him about his hobbies or interests, or if he has any favourite game on PSP, he can play that too. Playing what they actually like might encourage them to pursue his likings further also.

Make obesity move out of your house before it becomes a disease. It's a step which both parents and child or teen have to take together to be healthy, strong and active in life. This will help each one of us in the long run.